ANNE: the diary of Anne Frank on stage

A new adaptation for the purpose-built Theater Amsterdam

A new adaptation of the diaries of Anne Frank, for an open-ended production in the purpose-built 1100-seat Theater Amsterdam. In immense sets, including a life-size reconstruction of the Secret Annex, the tensions and intensity of two years spent in hiding, and the periods before and after, are brought to life. Supported by an original orchestral score and innovative video projections, ANNE tells the tragic story of growing up under oppression.

Teunkie was resident director on this large-scale commercial coproduction with the national theatre of the Netherlands and the Anne Frank Foundation.

Premiere: 8 May 2014

Theater Amsterdam
May 2014-July 2016


Extraordinary play brings Anne Frank’s secret world alive.



The Dutch audience stood to applaud. Me, I was sobbing.

The Times

Theu Boermans

Leon de Winter
Jessica Durlacher

stage design
Bernhard Hammer

lighting design
Gerhard Fischer

Paul M. van Brugge

sound design
Jeroen ten Brinke

video design
Peter Wilms

costume design
Catherine Cuykens

Sarah Miles


Rosa da Silva
Eva Heijnen
Sjoukje Hoogma
Paul R. Kooij
Genio de Groot
Chava voor in ’t Holt
Debbie Korper
Wim Bouwens
Caya de Groot
Barbara Pouwels
Rob Das
Eva Damen
Job Bovelander
Jason de Ridder
Christo van Klaveren
Freerk Bos
Tim Teunissen
Daniël Cornelissen
Lisa van Schagen
Denise Rebergen
Liliana de Vries
Thirsa van Til
Rick Sessink
Vastert van Aardenne
Xander Straat
Bas Heerkens
Martin van Tulder
Wouter Zweers
Brian Verhagen
Yardeen Roos
Margo de Geest
Marike Mingelen