HATE: after the film La Haine

a stage adaptation of Mathieu Kassovitz' cult film
shortlisted for the Samuel Beckett Award

A mix of theatre, hiphop and (music) video that paints a portrait of those without hope, without jobs, without a future. This English-spoken adaptation of French cult film La Haine, devised with the cast of three, relocates the drama of disenfranchisement and violence among inner city youths to contemporary London. A background of large screens covered in elastic fabric allow the cast to step and out of video projections of news footage, mobile phone images, social media clips and music videos, painting a picture of characters who are always watched but never watched over.

Premiere: 14 January 2012

Barbican Theatre London
October 2012

Netherlands mid-scale tour
January-March 2012



Nominated for the Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award, awarded runner-up.

Produced by Studio Dubbelagent & Likeminds


Teunkie van der Sluijs
after Mathieu Kassovitz

stage & costume design
Frans Friis

lighting design
Floriaan Ganzevoort

video and sound design
Laurence Short

assistant director
Lora Randolph Mander


Danny Rahim
David Beynon
Akwasi Ansah
Hemi Yeroham
Sam Walters
Kezia Burrows
Rachel Clements