The Mountaintop

by Katori Hall
Netherlands premiere

Martin Luther King has just given the speech of a lifetime. He withdraws to his motel room – outside, a storm rages; inside, a mysterious chambermaid awaits him. Before long, their conversation develops into a frank and open-hearted encounter, in which King is confronted with his successes and his shortcomings. It is the night of April 3rd 1968; less than a day later, Martin Luther King will be assassinated.

The Mountaintop is an inventive and innovative re-imagining of the last night in the life of an iconic figure. The Dutch premiere production of this award-winning Broadway and West End play reveals how ordinary people become saints and saints turn out to be ordinary people – fragile, vulnerable, approachable. This is the story of how once hoped to change the world, and how his untimely death forced him to pass on the baton to future generations.

The Mountaintop premiered on the 50th anniversary of Dr King’s death. A tie-in educational programme by Amnesty International provided workshops and post-show conversations throughout the Netherlands. This production was produced by De Meervaart and Senf Theaterpartners, in collaboration with Studio Dubbelagent.

Premiere: 16 September 2018
Theater De Meervaart, Amsterdam

Netherlands mid-scale tour
September-December 2018


“A strong example of political theatre with a remarkable, surreal bent. […] Full of power and full of soul.”

NRC Handelsblad


“This production hits all the right notes. […] Although it is a fictional story, right from the very first second you know you are watching something extraordinary.”

* * * * ½  ILoveTheater

Katori Hall

Teunkie van der Sluijs

stage & costume design
Clement & Sanôu

lighting design
Floriaan Ganzevoort

sound design
Ata Güner

Christiaan Mooij


Dennis Rudge
Joy Wielkens