Clybourne Park

by Bruce Norris
Netherlands premiere

In the Chicago suburb Clybourne Park, a house is being sold to a black family – the first black family in a hitherto white neighbourhood. The neighbours begin to worry about their community: before you know it, the neighbourhood may become uninhabitable. Years later, young urban professionals Steve and Lindsey buy the same house in Clybourne Park with a view to knocking it down and building a lavish family home, thus gentrifying the now predominantly black neighbourhood. Again, the neighbours are concerned: before you know it, the neighbourhood will become unaffordable.

Teunkie van der Sluijs directs the Netherlands premiere production of Bruce Norris’ Pulitzer, Tony and Olivier Award winning play about race and gentrification for award-winning company Well Made Productions.

Premiere: 9 May 2019
International Theatre Amsterdam

Netherlands main house tour
April-May 2019


“A brilliantly crafted production, spellbinding from beginning to end, and holding up a mirror to us all.”

* * * * Trouw


“In Teunkie van der Sluijs’ direction, it is filled with subtle references to all kinds of discrimination. A fascinating production asking numerous questions about how a diverse society navigates coexistence.”



“Stages significant and acutely relevant themes, a commendable achievement”


Bruce Norris

Esther Duysker

stage design
Sjoerd Kortekaas

lighting design
Clement & Sanôu

sound design
Ata Güner

costume design
Clement & Sanôu

Karim Ameur


Joy Wielkens
Anke van ‘t Hof
Sergio IJssel
Yorick Zwart
Marcel Osterop
Peter van Heeringen
Margje Wittermans
Tim Teunissen