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Clybourne Park

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Bruce Norris
Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
Well Made Productions
Opening night
May 2019
"Subtle text and direction, skilfully performed. A brilliantly crafted production, spellbinding from beginning to end, and holding up a mirror to us all."
★★★★ Trouw
"In Teunkie Van Der Sluijs' direction, it is filled with subtle references to all kinds of discrimination. A fascinating production asking numerous questions about how a diverse society navigates coexistence."

In the Chicago suburb Clybourne Park, a house is being sold to a Black family – the first Black family in a hitherto white neighbourhood. The neighbours worry about their community: before you know it, the neighbourhood may become uninhabitable. Years later, a pair of young urban professionals buy the same house with a view to knocking it down and building a lavish family home, thus gentrifying the now predominantly Black neighbourhood. Again, the neighbours are concerned: before you know it, the neighbourhood may become unaffordable. 

The Netherlands premiere production of the award-winning play opened at Internationaal Theater Amsterdam before a national tour.

Anke van 't Hof, Margje Wittermans, Yorick Zwart, Marcel Osterop, Sergio IJssel and Joy Wielkens in Clybourne Park. Photo: Sharon Jane.


Bruce Norris (transl. Esther Duysker)

stage design
Sjoerd Kortekaas

lighting & costume design
Clement & Sanôu

sound design
Ata Güner

Karim Ameur

Joy Wielkens
Anke van ‘t Hof
Sergio IJssel
Yorick Zwart
Marcel Osterop
Peter van Heeringen
Margje Wittermans
Tim Teunissen